Sunday, 24 July 2011

Swim 6: Buscot Lock to Grafton Lock

This is the Middle Thames, and there’s a bit of boat traffic now, out of Lechlade. Make sure you’ve got a bright hat on and that you can shout at your mates if boats are approaching. We met at the visitors car park at Buscot which is within a few hundred yards / metres walk of Buscot Lock.

We then took a couple of cars, with clothes to change into after the swim, to Kelmscott - which is about half way between Buscot and Grafton Lock. (Access to Grafton Lock by road is problematic).

Alternatively, if you have a small group, you can go straight to Kelmscott and walk to the start along the Thames Path.

The stretch is 5.4km.  The river is, supposedly, fast flowing along this stretch but it wasn’t when we went. We arrived at Grafton Lock and walked back to Kelmscott and ate at The Plough in Kelmscott. Some people had a good experience, some people didn’t. There is a Tea Garden at Buscot in case anyone is still hungry after lunch!

Tell the lockkeepers!

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  1. I did this section with a couple of friends as described and had a wonderful mornings swim and lunch at the plough. Its a section which I enjoyed so much I will definitely swim again.