Sunday, 23 October 2011

Swim 16: Godstow Lock to Danger Bridge

This swim marks the start of our winter swims and therefore a shortening of the distances. It also took us to Port Meadow where we claimed to have arrived at Oxford, a milestone worth celebrating. After the last swim's extended leg we started a bit later which gave anyone who wanted to catch up on the Kings Lock to the Godstow Lock section the opportunity to start earlier and then join us at Godstow Lock.

We met at The Perch at Binsey:

We walked up to Godstow Lock and jumped in downstream of the lock:

We swam down to and under Danger Bridge in Port Meadow - that's the Big Jump bridge and a wonderful place for a lazy swim of a summer's afternoon - and got out in the pool just the other side of the bridge:

We then walked back to The Perch for lunch.

This is part of swim #29 from Michael Worthington's I Love The Thames book and is around 2.5km

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