Sunday, 1 July 2012

Swim 29: Carmel College to South Stoke

This is a swim of 4.9km and is approximately swim 41 and 42 in the I ♥ the Thames book.

We met at the hard standing at Carmel College. This is private property and you should, like we did, seek permission before parking there. The gates may be locked without warning, so don't say you weren't:

The entry point is at the old Boat House at Carmel College. There is an alternative entry point on the bank opposite (not fully scouted by our team) in case you fail to secure permission to enter at Carmel.

We shuttled dry changing kit to a small car park at the exit point before setting off. We stopped for coffee and cakes at a jetty at an abandoned ferry crossing:

We then continued down to South Stoke and got out at the the slipway:

We then repaired to the Perch and Pike for lunch.

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