Sunday, 20 January 2013

Swim 41: Spade oak to Bourne end. 20th jan 2013.

After a long gap since our last outing, we met at Bourne end railway station car park on a snowy January day. Wasn't sure how many folk would risk the roads, but pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a throng of Thames friends.

Although A few hardy types among us had recently swum in cold water events, wetsuits were definitely the order of the day.

We gingerly creep in and let the current work its magic.

And away we go.

                                  The swans were not impressed, but we outnumbered them.

One of us was taking no chances with the cold.

                                                 While the rest of us felt the chill.

                       A little over a kilometer away, we clamber out. Look we are still smiling.

A round of applause?, or frozen fingers.

An opportunity to make snow angels doesn't present itself often.

Ending in a fit of giggles. Yes, life is good.

And a colourful re entry back to Bourne end before a much deserved warm up and lunch at the pub.

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