Sunday, 28 April 2013

Swim 45 - Boulters Lock to Monkey Island

We met at Boulters Lock car park as at the last swim (£1 for all day):

Parking near the end of the swim is difficult but you can try the small car park in the grounds of Bray Lake if you can get access:

Or you can park at the private car park a few kilometres downstream where we based ourselves for the next two swims:

Be careful to note what time both of these car parks are locked!

We got into the water at Boulters Lock:

and swam on to Bray lock, keeping to the left on the approach.

Beware of rowing boats from Maidenhead Rowing Club between Boulters and Bray locks.

We then continued on to a small beach just short of the footbridge just past Monkey Island.  The beach is hard to see from upstream so keep close to the left bank and you should see it almost level with the downstream tip of the island.

We crossed over the footbridge to the shuttle car park to change before heading back to Maidenhead to have lunch at Boulters Restaurant with Terrace Bar.

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  1. We didn't have lunch at Boulter's restaurant, we had it at Jenner's Cafe.