Saturday, 17 August 2013

Swim 53: Desborough Island to Sunbury Lock

We met in the car park (Free parking) at the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex Walton on Thames KT12 2JG:

Got changed and shuttled up to the start at Shepperton, trying not to disrupt any weddings upon arrival:

Swam round the rest of Desborough Island, turned left and joined the main channel, and exited at Sunbury Lock, on the right avoiding the weir that runs parallel to the river:

(You may have to exit early to avoid the lock cut but can judge that on the day, depending on traffic.)

This is mostly swim #71 from Michael Worthington's 'I ♥ the Thames' and is about 5km or half a Dart. We started part way down the swim but went the 'proper' way around Desborough Island so it was longer than the route in the book. No short cuts for us!

And walked back to the Leisure centre, not far from the weir, at the start of the lock cut.

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