Saturday, 11 June 2011

Swim 4: Hannington Bridge to Inglesham Roundhouse

We met at Riverside Park car park, across the river from Lechlade.

We then shuttled to Hannington Bridge where there is very limited parking.

This swim – and it’s mostly swimming, certainly after the first third or so – is a distance of 5.7km, equivalent to swim 8 in I Love the Thames. The Thames path does not follow the river for the duration of this swim so if you want to get out before the end, this may require a bit of field hopping and navigation. It can be done, but we were lucky and our support trespassed with permission. More reliable might be to take your picnic in a waterproof sack. Swim up to the bridge at Inglesham Roundhouse and scramble out on the right bank and walk along the river to Riverside Park.

We camped at the Trout Inn, Lechlade, which is also the third pub on the Thames (try and stop at the Riverside, Lechlade, for the full house).


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