Sunday, 12 June 2011

Swim 5: The Roundhouse, Inglesham to Buscot Lock

We met at Riverside Park after having shuttled a car or two down to the public car park at Buscot.

We swam down – almost all swimming so you can get away without feet. This is the stretch that Walliams started at. The distance is 3.9km, equivalent to swims 9 & 10 from I Love the Thames. We stopped for a warm up drink and snacks at St John’s Lock, Lechlade, then swam on to Buscot Lock. We then returned to the Trout for a well-earned pub lunch in a room they had kindly reserved for us.

Tell the lockkeeper ahead of the swim that you will be swimming. Usually he will call ahead to let the next lock know and magically boats in between the locks will know to look out for you. It’s just good practice and courtesy too.

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