Sunday, 14 August 2011

Swim 9: Tadpole Bridge to Shifford Lock

This swim is from Tadpole Bridge to Shifford Lock a distance of 5.6km and is equivalent to swims 18 and 19 of I Love The Thames. We parked some cars at a car park at Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve and shuttled to Tadpole Bridge. The carpark is a mile walk or so from Shifford Lock.

We swam down to Tenfoot Bridge where we got out – on the right bank – for a warm-up stop. The next stretch is shorter and more doable. All in all this stretch is one of the most beautiful, with woodlands and wildflowers coming right up to the bank. And then you get to the Shifford Lock Cut which is a long straight stretch – don’t be fooled by the sign for ‘Lock’ – you’ve still a while to go.  Make sure you know the way back to the car park!

Tell the Lockkeepers!

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