Saturday, 11 August 2012

Swim 32: Pangbourne to Tilehurst

Swims 32 and 33 were slightly longer than usual as we needed to clear Reading before the festival weekend. This swim is just short of 7km.  We met at Scours Lane:

We then left as few cars as possible at here - which is the end of the swim - with all dry gear and shuttled the rest up to the beginning of the swim at Pangbourne River Meadow Carpark, as per swim 31.

From Pangbourne we swim down to Mapledurham Lock (which is on the right side of the river) for a munch stop, and then on down to a little dock just short of the meeting point.

We then got changed and shuttled back up to Pangbourne for lunch.

Caution: On this swim we started to encounter significant numbers of large river craft.

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