Sunday, 12 August 2012

Swim 33: Tilehurst to Thames Valley Park

As per swim 32, this swim is also longer than usual at 6km due to our desire to make it through Reading before festival weekend.

We met at this carpark at Thames Valley Park, Reading:

We left as many cars as possible here at the end spot and shuttled up to the start at River View in as few cars - leaving dry gear at TVP.

We then swam down past the site of Reading Festival which was being set up. At the first bridge, we made sure we went through the left hand arch as the main channel is through the right. After the bridge some people went under the pedestrian bridge leading to a restaurant and others went to the left of the island through the little marina.

There was then another island. Again, some people went to the right which is the shorter route and the main channel and others went left which is longer but with less boat traffic.

Immediately after the second bridge we swam to the right of the river to aviod the weir and stopped for a break at Caversham Lock.

We then swam on and got out at the car park at Thames Valley Park.

Caution:  We encountered significant numbers or large river craft on this swim.

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