Saturday 24 September 2011

Swim 14 Track: Pinkhill Lock to Cassington Cut

Swim 14 Map: Pinkhill Lock to Cassington Cut

Swim 14: Pinkhill Lock to Cassington Cut

We met at the car park at Swinford on the north side of the Thames:

Be aware that a number of spaces in the car park are reserved. Pay the bridge toll booth operator for your parking. We walked upstream to Pinkhill Lock but you can shuttle (5p at the ready) up to the housing estate at Meadow Way, if you prefer:

We jumped in at Pinkhill Lock and swum down towards Swinford, under the Georgian Toll bridge, skirting Eynsham Lock, and on to an exit on the south bank and the Thames path, opposite the Cassington Cut. This is where the Wytham Great Wood, on the south bank, starts receding from the Thames Path:

We then walked back to the Swinford car park, got changed, (shuttled drivers to cars left at Meadow Way (More 5p at the ready)) before putting the Landlady at the nearby Talbot to the test. This swim corresponds to Swim #26 and part of #27 in I Love The Thames according to Michael Worthington and is around 3.4km.

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Sunday 11 September 2011

Swim 13 Track: The Ferryman to Pinkhill Lock

Swim 13 Map: The Ferryman to Pinkhill Lock

Swim 13: The Ferryman, Bablock Hythe to Pinkhill Lock

Another access issue. We met at The Ferryman

and swam down to Pinkhill Lock and then walked back to the pub for some nosh. Alternatively, if the weather is chilly, you can park in Farmoor village by Farmoor Reservoir which is a ten-ish minute walk from the lock. Be careful not to flash the locals, they don’t like it!

We stopped for a warm-up where the path rejoins the river a little over 1km from the lock, at the site of Skinner’s Weir.

The swim is 3.8km, and is swim 25 from I Love the Thames.

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Saturday 10 September 2011

Swim 12 Track: Northmoor Lock to the Ferryman, Bablock Hythe

Swim 12 Map: Northmoor Lock to the Ferryman, Bablock Hythe

Swim 12: Northmoor Lock to the Ferryman, Bablock Hythe

The secret to this one is leaving your car on the same side of the river as the Ferryman pub. That is the left bank. Your satnav will probably take you to the right bank if you're not careful.  It's only 50 yards as the crow flies, but it's a good 20 minutes by car via the nearest crossing at Newbridge!  The Ferryman is another big pub with an ample car park. Accommodating to swimmers if a little grumpy with it.   We met in the pub car park and walked back upstream to the start at Northmoor Lock.

The distance is 2.5km, and is swim 24 from I Love the Thames.  This marked the end of our first 6 months and David Walliams' first day.

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