Sunday 17 February 2013

Swim 42: Bourne End towards Cookham

In the final official winter swim of the season before the balmy waters of March warm us next time we had another short swim.  We met at the car park just outside Cookham here:

Be aware that the car park can be muddy and is popular with dog walkers so can fill up early.

We then walked across the field and up to the start at the railway bridge at Bourne End:

before being swept rapidly down towards our exit point by the brisk winter waters:

Note that the tree by the exit point has now been savagely pruned.  The little beaches that can be seen nearby have been shored up and no longer offer easy exit but the roots of the tree are a convenient stepping stone out.

After changing we indulged in ice creams (!!) and lunch at The Ferry in Cookham.

Swim 42 Track - Bourne End towards Cookham

Swim 42 Map - Bourne End towards Cookham