Sunday 22 September 2013


Swim 56: Kingston Bridge to Teddington Obelisk - The End

So this is it.  The last stage of the odyssey down the length of the Non Tidal Thames.  It's a short swim, so take your time and enjoy it.  Float and bob.  And make sure you celebrate properly at the end!

We met near Teddington Lock where there is plenty of roadside parking:

You could then shuttle up to the start point but there is very limited parking there, so we chose to walk:

Jump in at the same place you got out last time and then swim down to the lock.  Hop out at the lock, over the bridge, and get back in on the other side of the island for the last stretch down to the Obelisk.

If you arrive at low tide there's a lovely beach where you can take photos and open the champers!

Total Distance:  250.97 km
Distance from Cricklade:  230.6 km
Distance Driven:   5031.5km

And next?  Well it's still 111 km to the start of the North Sea at Sea Reach Number 1 Buoy!!!

Swim 56 Map: Kingston Bridge to Teddington Obelisk - The End

Swim 56 Track: Kingston Bridge to Teddington Obelisk - The End

Sunday 1 September 2013

Swim 55: Molesey Lock to Kingston Bridge

We met at Lower Ham Road where there is a very limited amount of on street parking - so make sure you get there early:

We shuttled up to the free car park at Sadlers Ride, Hurst Park, Molesey:

We then walked down to the lock and jumped in:

And swam down to the finish point about 1km past Kingston Bridge. The exit point was a set of steps leading down to the shore. There are several sets of stairs so you would be wise to scout out the exit point before setting off to the shuttle parking.

Swim 55 Map: Molesey Lock to Kingston Bridge

Swim 55 Track: Molesey Lock to Kingston Bridge