Monday 16 January 2012

Swim 19: Donnington Bridge to Iffley Lock

This swim is the final part of Swim 30 in Michael Worthington's I ♥ the Thames. It was a winter swim so was shorter than usual at a distance of about 850m.  We met at this car park:

off Meadow Lane, Oxford, second-left after the canoe club. Meadow Lane is the last right turn off Donnington Bridge Road before the bridge from the town side, or the first left from the Hinksey side. The car park is an unkempt wee council number with plenty of bushes for changing in. It was free when we swam but bring a couple of quid in case.

We jumped into the Thames just next to the car park.  Note that the slipway where we exited is on private property and you should get the permission of the rowing club first. There is an alternate exit point a few metres further on at a public slipway.  We then swam to Iffley Lock.

The exit point is a boat ramp which is muddy and slippery so take care.  It might be best to pop out as soon as you get to the start of the slope.

Be aware that this stretch of the river is used extensively by competitive rowers who are fast moving and have limited visibility. You should take appropriate precautions.

If done in the warmer months of the year, this swim can easily be combined with swims 18 and 20 for a total distance of 3.8km.

Afterwards, we had a pub lunch at the Isis Farmhouse, just before Iflley Lock - a must-visit on the pubs of the Thames tour that we are also engaged in.