Thursday, 24 May 2012

Swim 16: The Trout pub to Danger Bridge. Sun 23rd oct 2011.

It was with some trepidation that I arrived at the Perch pub car park on a sunday morning, armed with my friend Steve for moral support, to join the OSS swim the Thames group.
I suspected, but didn't know just quite how addictive this pastime was going to become in my life. I had been following the groups progress for a few weeks on the facebook page, but until now, work commitments had stopped me joining the group. Sods law, my first swim also coincided with the first official winter swim. Brrr.

The group immediately greeted us very warmly, and once changed into our wetsuits ect, we walked upstream to the start point of the swim at the Trout pub. A very loud expression of shock resonated from a young lady upon entering the water, who was wearing marigold gloves held on with elastic bands, which  made me think is this such a good idea. The water was cold, but very inviting and off we went. I was not sure how the group were going to approach the swim and was pleasantly surprised to find the attitude was enjoyment rather than pace and technique. The faster group shot off and I was happy to amble along chatting and swimming a variety of strokes without the pressure of having to keep up with anyone unless I chose to. Marvelous !!.

The swim was fantastic and unlike earlier stages I had done in the summer, the boat traffic was light, the water was cleaner than I imagined, and we were able to relax. I was in my new heaven and even when my fingers and toes lost their feeling, was still grinning from ear to ear when we exited at Danger Bridge to a variety of cakes, hot drinks, biscuits, and some very puzzled onlookers who thought we were insane.

The group changed and retired to the Perch pub for lunch. On this occasion Steve and I were unable to join in but what a brilliant way to spend a sunday morning.
It took my toes a long while to regain feeling and I bought myself winter gloves and socks for the oncoming swims.

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