Friday, 25 May 2012

Swim 17: Danger bridge to Folly bridge. Sunday 13th Nov 2011.

Meeting at the Hinksey pool car park on the Abingdon road in Oxford, we changed and began our famous "faffing" shuttle to the start point of the swim, a car park at Walton well, port meadow.
A short walk took us to Danger Bridge where we finished swim 16 and in we went. This was a very chilly swim with temp well down to single figures, but the swim more than made up for this as it took us through the centre of Oxford including such sights as the station, and yes folks, the allotments, where a lone gardener marvelled at the strange aquatic creatures which glided effortlessly past him.
Notice the blue marigold gloves.

There was a brief stop for cakes and sun worship, before continuing on our way.

We passed through a very quiet and deserted osneymead industrial estate which was like going back in time, it felt desolate, but you could imagine the activity that must have once taken place using the river for cargo.

Occasionally we swam under road bridges with groups of people peering down wondering if they were seeing things, especially our under bridge butterfly rule.
Eventually, and not soon enough for some as it was very cold, we arrived at our destination, Folly bridge and the Head of the river pub where we were going to have lunch later on.

After scouting for an exit and making sure the coast was clear.

An exit point was found to the walkway back to the Abingdon road.

 A 5 minute walk through busy streets in rubber suits caused a little bit of traffic meanderings, but we arrived safely back at hinksey pool car park where the sunshine made the outdoor changing bearable.
Another wonderful sunny and totally enjoyable day. Marvelous.

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