Sunday, 20 May 2012

Swim 24: Abingdon Lock to Culham Lock

This was a swim of approximately 4.15km - #34 in Michael Worthington's I ♥ the Thames.

We met here in the free car park at Culham:

We got changed, and shuttled up to the car park at Abingdon Bridge, where we met for the last swim. (You will need money for parking in this one - £1.20 for 3 hours), or free for up to two hours, if you are quick!

From here it is a relatively short walk (0.75km) to Abingdon Lock across the fields, where we started our swim from:

We had a breather around half way, just past the Marina entrance on the opposite bank, where there is a small beach:

Continuing on we ended up at Culham lock next to the car park.  Make sure you spot the turn into Culham Cut towards the lock as the sign was slightly overgrown when we swam.  The danger sign on the main channel is clear though - don't go that way!  The water in the Cut is slow flowing and rather fragrant so some of us chose to wade/breaststroke the last section to keep our heads out of the water.

From there we repaired to the George & Dragon in Sutton Courtenay for a spot of lunch: (Tel: 01235 848142)

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