Saturday, 26 May 2012

Swim 18: Folly bridge to Donnington bridge. 11 dec 2011.

As we drove over from Banbury, I remember thinking as I looked at the frozen puddles, this is going to be a very cold one.
We arrived at the car park off meadow lane in Oxford, to find a healthy turnout of swimmers looking quite keen and raring to go.

group pose.

We set off on a longish walk back to the starting point at Folly bridge which was a welcome opportunity to warm up a little.

striding out chatting away.

We reached Folly bridge and prepared to get in. Water temp was mid single figures and the memory of freezing fingers and toes suddenly came to mind. The chap in the speedo's was an inspiration and just proves it's possible to harden up. Wouldn't want to do it myself though.

Vlad the magnificent.

onlookers marvel at the sight.

                        We put on a smile for the onlookers who were suitably impressed.

We set off downstream past the moored boats and barges keeping an eye open for the rowing 8's which were zooming up and down this stretch of river.

you can tell how cold it was as we were doing breast stroke.

even the pleasure boats were parked up.

please god, let me be warm.
made it.

We arrived at the rowing club at Donnington bridge not a moment too soon as the cold was beginning to take its toll on us.

even reindeer need a hot drink after a cold swim.
                     Back in warm clothes again after our compulsory cake and coffee feast.

Sharing a finger joke with Steve.

That's better.
Although this was a very cold swim, we were very thrilled to have had the river practically to ourselves on such a lovely sunny day yet again.

The proud and warm again OSS thames group.

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