Thursday, 7 June 2012

Swim 19: Donnington bridge to Iffley lock. 16th january 2012

A glorious, sunny, and very cold january morning, saw the Thames group meet at the very same  Meadow lane car park off Donnington bridge road, as the previous swim. The changing conditions were crisp underfoot in the frozen mud and icy puddles, but we grinned away and got on with it as usual. We are a hardy bunch.

Fortunately for some of our swimmers, there were dressers on hand.

The group danced its way to the start point at the canoe club ramp where we had exited on the previous swim, looking like strange tellytubbies.

                              The temperature reader doesn't lie, a nice 4.1 degrees

The group photo, all looking a little sheepish at the thought of the cold.

and in we go.

The group stayed together for once at the start as it was too cold to put our faces in the water, but what a beautiful day.

Faces no longer numb the breakaway group steamed on ahead in an effort to keep warm, much to the annoyance of the rowers who were out in numbers today.

We approached the boat ramp at Iffley lock, swimming under the beautiful stone bridge.

Trudging through the mud soup underfoot, we emerged at Iffley lock into the warming sunshine.

                            Hot coffee provided by the wonderful bank support team.

                                      And finally a walk back along the route to Meadow lane car park.

Wonderful morning yet again, followed by lunch at the Isis farmhouse near Iffley lock.

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