Monday, 4 June 2012

Swim 25: Culham Lock to Clifton Lock

We met in the same car park as Swim 24 next to Culham Lock:

We then changed into our swimming gear and put our warm clothes into a car which was shuttled down to a small car park next to Clifton Lock.

We then swam down from Culham Lock to Clifton Lock. There is a shortage of getting out spots along this stretch so be prepared to swim the distance. This is a swim of 4.6km and is equivalent to swim 35 in I ♥ the Thames. Remember to tell the lock keepers!

After swimming we had a spot of lunch at the Barley Mo by the bridge in Clifton Hampden before walking back down the Thames Path to our cars.

CAUTION: At approximately 3.6km there is a large weir on the right hand bank. This generates strong currents and is dangerous. Keep to the left.

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