Friday, 8 June 2012

Swim 20. Iffley lock to Kennington. 19th feb 2012

On yet another sunny winter morning, we met at the health centre car park opposite the tandem public house in Kennington.

We exchanged stories and waited for the stragglers before setting off on our way to the start of the days swim.

                                                      Across the marshy field.

                                   Along the river bank upstream. What's Steve got in his bag?.

                                                         Further and further we go.

                            And there it is. The muddy quagmire which is our entry point. YUCK.

                                                   Its no good looking at it, get in.

                                                      URGHH!!, its horrible.

                                                        Its like glue, we're stuck.

                                                              At last, open water.         

                                                Just a little further and we can swim.

                                                  Thats more like. This is brilliant.

                                            What a beautiful place, its a joy to be here today.

     The first appearance of  "DAVE THE SHARK". Don't worry, he's a friendly shark. I hope.
                                    Watch the blog for report from DAVE THE SHARK.

                                  No boats, no swans, just cold open water beautiful views.
                                                               Thanks DAVE.

                                    Flanked by our trusty shore crew armed with coffee and cakes.

                                         In full flow now, and flying along at a good pace.

                                            Swimming past the quaint local landmarks.

                                And we reach the beach near Kennington, very very cold indeed.

                                                          More swimmers join us.

                                                  And more blue gloved swimmers.

                                                                    Thats better.

                                After a walk across the fields back to the car park, we get changed.

                                            We study the new calender of swims for 2012.

                                                                And here it is.

Another wonderful swim completed, we retire to the Tandem public house for lunch and a good natter.

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