Saturday, 16 June 2012

Swim 21: Kennington to Sandford Lock. 25 march 2012.

Another beautiful sunny morning saw us meet at the Kings arms car park near Sandford lock for our last winter swim. Allegedly it would be spring next month, but apart from the freezing waters, it has been a wonderful winters swimming.

We walked to the beach near Kennington where we exited swim 20 and took a little time to enjoy the setting, which was beautiful.

The sun was shining and we could feel its heat, so some swimmers were wetsuit free today, although the water was in a double figure number finally. A cool 10 degrees. Dave the Shark, joined us again to protect us from those nasty swans.

                                                      Off went most of the group.

                                       Dave the Shark is doing his job. No swans anywhere.

                           Just look at this gorgeous day and location. This is why we come.

As we passed the Four Pillars Hotel, we all feel a stream of warm water and a familiar smell of washing detergent and a suspicious wholesome stink. No swallowing at all guys. BLURGH!!.
The proper authorities were notified instantly.

                       A strange looking Joe 90 summer house distracted us from the stinky bit.

And at last we arrived at the Kings arms where one of our  swimmers makes a very entertaining exit at the steps with help from fellow swimmers.  Well done Sharon.

                              And finally we change and have another wonderful lunch and natter.

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